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Daniel Araújo

Ex-motocross champion of Brazil, twice, Daniel was the first person in 1999 to organise windsurfaris along the coast of Ceara. He has an impressive background in off-road knowledge, extreme sports organisation and extensive experience as a mechanic.



Daniel's curriculum:

- First native to windsurf in Jericoacoara (20 years ago)
- Double-Champion of motocross in Brazil
- Professional rally driver (Baja Brasil & Rally dos Sertaos)
- Professional mechanic, always handy in case of emergency
- Native from the area
, he has contacts all along the road
- Knows the entire coast and all the dirt roads of the state

- 45 years old - 20 years experience on the water
- Has done more kitesurfaris than anyone else


Fred, Daniel's co-pilot, will also assist you on the downwinder :

- He speaks fluent English, French, Spanish and Portuguese
- Knows the local culture, as well as the coast and it's best spots (for kiting & after kiting activities)
- Can digital pictures and video footage of your trip & burn it to DVD upon arrival
- Has visited close to 30 countries and lived on 4 continents
- Also kitesurfs

Should your group be larger than 4 or 5 people, a second vehicle will be necessary. In those cases, either Daniel's brother, or his son (ex-motocross champion of the state) will be the additional driver. Both are knowledgable mechanics, have experience in off-road travel and can help you during the downwinder.

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