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The downwinder with "Downwind Brasil" was one of the best kiteboarding experiences of my life. Great wind, great waves, and mile and mile of untouched beaches (and uncrowded waves!) made it an incredible experience. Fred and Daniel were the consummate hosts and I would highly recommend this trip. Iíll definitely be back.

Matt Aiken - Canada
SBC Kiteboard Magazine

Really a 5 star trip! First class service, the idea of the super long downwinder is original, the truck was great, and I really liked the safety signals to inform of obstacles in the water along the way. The restaurants all had great menus and a great view, the entire trip was super relax. The downwinder was really well organised and securing which is very imporant for someone that doesn't know the area or the language. I have already recommended it to a lot of people.

Julie Simsar - Dominican Republic
2006 KPWT Champion - Kite Pro World Tour Overall Winner
- visit

Without a doubt, the downwinder we did with Daniel and Fred was the highlight of our Brazilian kite safari: It doesnít get much better than yourself and 3 of buddies, 150 km of pure kiting in the middle of nowhere with some of the most epic conditions, and not even having to bother about staying upwind!!

With the Downwind Brasil crew, you have got great support, local knowledge and a good laugh - I highly recommend this one.

Marcus Brain - Serious South African Kitesurfer

Choose one of the following
Advanced kitesurfers
Pro kitesurfers
1 day

60 km downwind

80 to 95 km downwind

2 days + 1 night
90 km downwind
140 km downwind
3 days + 2 nights
120 km downwind
160 km downwind
4 days + 3 nights
120 km downwind + 1 special day
160 km downwind + special day
Non-kiting activities can be added to the trip, please inquire here for more details.
Note: the downwind distances are coastal kilometers. Actual kited distance can be 40% to 80% more depending on level.

Keep in mind that the service offered is not a tour, but rather a DOWNWINDER, with 4 x 4 assistance at all time. You kite along the coast while we watch out for your security and help launching, landing and rescuing if necessary in addition to providing cold waters when requested. Approximate time spent on the water varies between 3 and 6 hours daily.

Rates include:

- Nights in hotels with Ocean views (double occupancy)
- Tropical breakfasts

- Experienced driver (more downwinders than any other driver)
- Help with launching, landing and packing gear
- Hi-end Land Rover Defender, cleaned daily

- Fuel & oil for 4 x 4 truck

- Cold waters provided during downwinder

- River crossings


Rates including hotel nights + breakfast (for 2 days and more):

R$ (BRL)
1 day
2 days + 1 night
3 days + 2 nights
4 days + 3 nights
5 days + 4 nights
2 persons
R$ 1400
R$ 2800
R$ 4200
R$ 5550
R$ 6950
3 persons
R$ 1700
R$ 3550
R$ 5300
R$ 7100
R$ 8800
4 persons
R$ 2000
R$ 4000
R$ 5950
R$ 7950
R$ 9900

Rates cover your daily expenses except for lunch, dinner and drinks (count approximately R$ 90 per day)


Note: Individual rooms may be available depending on hotel availabilities, ask us!


- Photographer with professional equipment & quadri-lingual guide with local knowledge is available upon request for a daily rate of R$ 500 for 1 or 2 kiters or R$ 900 for 3 or 4 kiters. includes a usb-key (pendrive) with all the pictures delivered at the end of the trip.



To convert from Brazilian Reais to your local currency please click on the following link : Currency converter



Important Note :

Each trip is custom designed to the kiters level and requirements, then prepared according to the actual weather conditions and scheduled with the tides in mind for the best experience. You should know that these downwinders are not appropriate for beginners or intermediate kitesurfers. There are many areas with waves, fishing boats, "corals" (pointy fishermen sticks) and rocks. Self-rescue, fast relaunch capabilities, and at least 100 hours of kiting experience in various conditions are required to participate in Downwind Brasil's surfaris. Obviously, you should have done at least a few downwinders before coming since the idea is to travel allong the coast..

It is recommended that all kiters on the trip have a similar level of experience and physical preparation. If one person in the group gets tired or has technical issues during the downwinder, the vehicle will stop to land the kite, pack the equipment, load the kitesurfer and follow the remaining kiters.

In addition to stops for cold waters along the downwinder, the driver can also stop if a kiter needs to adjust equipment.

We recommend you bring spare or replacement parts (or additional kites & boards) that may be needed in case of equipment failure or to fit the riding conditions (extra bars and lines, surfboard for waves, spare fins, etc). Keep in mind that there are very few repair shops along the way and at destination.

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