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We are located in one of the most consistently windy areas ofthe planet, the coast of Ceara, in Northeast Brazil, South America.

Imagine several hundred kilometers of untouched white sandy beaches, remote fishing villages, tropical temperatures and the ideal wind conditions for epic downwinders.

  Kitesurfing in Cumbuco, Brazil


Kiteboarding in Prea & Jericoacoara, Ceara

The entire coast of Ceara (particularly from Cumbuco to Jericoacoara) benefits from the trade winds between July and December. These are usually reinforced with sea-breezes that blow side-onshore with winds averaging constant 20 to 30 knots daily, ideal for epic kite-safaris.


Luckily, most of the 300 km of beach between Fortaleza, Cumbuco, Taiba and the Prea-Jericoacoara are accessible by the beach. This enables 4 x 4 vehicles to provide assistance while kitesurfers ride the constant winds.

Kite safari along the Ceara coast

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